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I am not your average marketing expert, I am a neuromarketer

An ex-corporate finance robot, I leaped into entrepreneurship to let out my creative side. I launched a wholesale jewelry line & brick-and-mortar boutique, and scaled to multi-6-figures on a beer budget... and then I sold it all. 

I fell deeply in love with marketing -- and that love affair grew into an obsession. I've since partnered with and coached over 125 female entrepreneurs to electrify their marketing, and multiply their revenue. 

Neuromarketing, brain-science meets marketing, is my speciality. I help business owners to integrate proven science into their strategies for high-level impact with longterm power. We are playing on a very different level.

It's not just marketing, it's a revolution.

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Built 2 of my own 6+ figures businesses, didn't just jump into coaching

I have worked with 100 women 1:1 or in intimate group setting, and I am just getting started

On a mission to help 10k women entrepreneurs by 2026

Everyone has a story...

I am a mom of 2 happy and kooky kids & wife to a wildly supportive husband. We live in West Palm Beach, FL and spend summers traveling and in NYC.

Being a working mom is a big part of who I am. I am also a craver of fulfilling connection, adventure, and another cup of coffee (or matcha). 

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3 neuromarketing
backed techniques

Tap into science by dipping your toe into 3 techniques that are proven.  In this workbook, you can learn how to bring these techniques into your biz.


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For entrepreneurs who are looking to dive into how to elevate their brand's marketing TODAY. In this FREE Workshop, learn how my clients double and triple their income by focusing on integrating science into the marketing!