Ready to Build a Badass Business?

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Start your small business with wild confidence in 10 modules 

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So, you know your business is going to be a success, but you just need a little guidance getting there. You are over googling "how to" articles and are ready to dive into your business with a plan.

Building A Badass Business takes you from "business beginner" to "business badass" in 10 modules, and on your schedule.

Truth: You will leave this course with knowledge that will serve you for years to come, which translates into money. A new age MBA. NO BS.

If you are stuck in the idea phase and can't seem to feel ready or just want 
some structure to setting up your business...

Building A Badass Business

is made for you.

OK, so let's start talking about the details.
We get granular and highly focused on your business (I am going to explain more, don't worry).
These are the foundation and strategy tools I have learned over the last 12+ years -- the ones I wish I had back when I was just getting started. So, I made it to help you navigate this part of the process.  

Here is what you will be getting into over the course of 10 video modules with printable workbooks:

  • Realistic goal-setting and what you actually want
  • Logistics of actually getting a business started with checklist and resources (the admin stuff)
  • Mini branding strategy: the why and what of your business
  • Mini visual branding: how to create your business look the way creatives do it
  • Identifying your ideal client/customer so you can market it
  • Reaching your ideal client: how to get in front of them
  • Your offerings: what you are selling and basic pricing model
  • Marketing Strategy 101
  • How to launch: a beginner's strategy
  • Implementation
Well, I have tried and failed before...
X I am scared to put it out there and fail
What if I have no background in business?
X How long will this take to get going and making money?
How much money will I need to get this off the ground?
Am I going to make any money doing this?
X How do I even reach consumers?
X Everyone says I am crazy to start a business right now

Now, You Might Be Thinking:

Well, guess what...
THAT is why I made this course! 
We simplified starting a business with step-by-step tools so you could look those fears in the face and do it anyway. With Building A Badass Business as a guide, you will feel supported and clear on exactly what to do next.
Step-by-step and on your schedule.
  • About 53% of small business owners need "start up help" (DUH)
     *According to a 2018 SCORES Study on entrepreneurship 

Did You Know? 

let's stop making it up as we go along

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Starting a business gets a lot less confusing when you have a step-by-step guide.

The thing is that most people just don't do it properly -- and then there are tons of mistakes to clean up (aka money to pay).

I believe we can do it on a budget and also the right way. You will make tweaks later because with want to, not because you have to. Trust me, that is a much better position to be in.

This course is a simple 10-module guide that will walk you through exactly what to do in order. You will be set up better than 90% of business owners. 

How Do I know Building A Badass Business will help you?

Well, I created this course from working with women in my coaching program. You are essentially getting business coaching -- for a lot less money and on-demand. (WHAT?!?)
✔ Business beginners who want to feel more confident
✔ New entrepreneurs who are just feeling overwhelmed with starting

✔ Someone who has recently launched and is needing a better understanding of "how to" in their business

✔ Entrepreneurs who are struggling with getting their business out there and feeling "messy"

✔ Anyone thinking of starting a business -- but just isn't there yet

✔ Business owners that know their craft, but have not established their business foundation

✔ Anyone thinking of leaving their 9-5 for their dream business
✘ Established business owners that are crushing it and making sales without thinking

✘ New entrepreneurs who are not quite ready to make the time investment to move forward

✘ Business owners that are very confident in their business foundation and really don't need to focus there 

This course is especially for:

This course not for:

I am Katrina

Let's take a moment to meet...
I am a thrice entrepreneur, and have built 3 profitable businesses. I have poured my soul into my businesses because freaking love it. I am also really good at it... 

I am not here to BS you. Being an entrepreneur takes work. Being a successful one takes even more. I am always hyper-focused on marketing and profits, but you first need the building blocks. 

Owning a business is a lot like building a house. Starting with the right foundation makes all the difference in the world. I've started enough businesses to know how to get to the "money-making part" without the massive mistake and fear paralysis. 

Get this: 
Building A Badass Business is a course I created so I could help more entrepreneurs. You are basically getting my coaching (beginner level) for a killer price and on-demand.
OK, Let's recap what you get in 

Building A Badass Business
In 10 modules, we break down:
  • Realistic goal-setting and what you actually want
  • Logistics of actually getting a business started with checklist and resources 
  • Mini branding strategy: the why and what of your business
  • Mini visual branding: how to create your business look the way creatives do it
  • Identifying your ideal client/customer
  • Reaching your ideal client
  • Your offerings: what you are selling and basic pricing model
  • Marketing Strategy 101
  • How to launch: a beginner's strategy
  • Implementation
These are in videos that you can watch as many times as you need.
  • A killer workbook I designed for all your growing + learning that you will keep for years to come! This workbook in itself is gold.
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business course.png

Let's Do This!


Wait, this is so inexpensive for this course. 
Look, I want this to be a no-brainer for you. Yes, you can do this. Yes, this course will 100% transform your entire experience. 

Have a few questions?

A: This is completely up to you. I recommend working on each module in order and moving on only when you have completed the previous module.
Most students take between 5-8 weeks to complete the course, but you can go at your own pace.
A: If you’re unable to pay this up front (but want to secure the discount) you can sign up for PayPal Credit. This is a great option to pay over time. No interest, and no payments due for six months. 
A: Absolutely not! I don't use any confusing jargon and have built this entire course for the newer entrepreneur. BBB is all about going from (a little shaky) beginner to confident with a plan. I was right where you are not that long ago and I only wish I had this course. I got you, babe. 
A: Building A Badass Business is a course I created from the curriculum from my structured 3-on-1 coaching collective. After seeing what new entrepreneurs needed, the BBB was born. This course is all about taking the intimidation OUT of business, and making the beginning phase of business far more manageable. 
A: Oh, absolutely! This course is truly for new entrepreneurs -- online and brick and mortar. Having  A LOT of experience in both, I created this the BBB for every single new business entrepreneur. We have created this curriculum  for boutique owners, brand experts, and anything else you can imagine. Pickle company? Socks? You name it. 
A: 100% yes, This course is for business beginners and when you do the work, you will see impact immediately. While coaching is magical, this is a great option for substantially less investment and incredible impact. 
A :I am gad you asked. I offer 100% money back guarantee after 14 days with proof of completion of the course. 
If you are not satisfied (you will be), email us and we will refund you within 72 hours with proof of completion. Your happiness and success is our goal! 
A: BBB is going to give you the tools and runway to get going. Much of the BBB is my proven curriculum that you would have experienced in 1-on-1 coaching for a fraction of the price. I highly recommend the BBB when you are just starting and coaching later in your growth. 
A: We have no plans on removing BBB from hosting so you have access for as long as you want it. If we make any changes in the future, you will get at least 6 months' notice. 

What Are People Saying?


This course blew me away. It is so comprehensive and broken down into pieces that I can implement into my business!


Building A Badass Business is just awesome. I am so excited to finally launch my business with everything I have learned. 


This course is a MUST for anyone who has dreams of running a business that has all it's ducks in a row from the start, instead of learning the hard way through painstaking trial-and-error. The checklists, resources, and powerful questions will set you up to not only have a rock-solid foundation, but also keep your momentum going with a fulfilling and aligned plan for growth!