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 Schedule a totally free consultation Zoom call where we can talk all about your biz and what you're struggling with right now. It's a connective conversation to move you forward, and see if I can help. Bring a cup of coffee & let's go deep.

marketing focused business coaching for female entrepreneurs

  • What is business coaching?
    Business coaching is access to a mentor's brain. This is about insane growth both personally and professionally. The amount of resources, experiences, and networking that a coach has done in their own journey becomes part of your journey. This is not magic, but it will collapse time and change everything if you are willing to show up.
  • Do you work in-person?
    Most of my coaching is done virtually via Zoom. I do have mini-retreats and bonus coaching in person, and offer VIP days in-person. If you are looking for in-person access, please reach out to me at
  • What results do you promise?
    Results depend a lot on how much you implement and are willing to do the things. We have seen clients double, triple, and quadrouple their revenue in a matter of months. Your goals will drive the strategies you take on in your business. If you are looking to grow your revenue, you are in the right place.
  • What if I want someone to do it for me?
    I do not do it for you. That is not my wheelhouse. I believe in taking the seat of a CEO and learning HOW to do it yourself, then outsourcing. I teach you how, guide you in implementing and help you get out of your own way. If you are looking to hire an agency, make sure you are clear on what strategies you want them to implement.
  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    We do not offer money back. The tools and strategies I teach are tried and tested. We have never had any reason to do this. But, we are always open to feedback and want you to excel so never hesitate to reach out to me directly at
  • Do you offer less expensive options?
    I believe in affordability and accessibility for women, and have created programs and offers to breathe that into my business. Depending on where you are today, we have different options for you. We also have scholarships available if you cannot afford to pay so do not hesitate to reach out and book that call, OK?
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