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Whole Business Checklist

FREE Business Checklist for Consultants &
Online Business Owners Getting Started

It's time to take action: Follow the step-by-step guide and
make sure your business is set up properly and legally

The first real step in taking your business seriously is making sure your are actually set up for success, and this checklist will guide you in the process

Some Notes For Your At The Beginning of Your Biz Journey

💃 Setting up those "beginning pieces" of your business only takes a few days if you buckle down and decide to do it...

so you are only a few days away from being *legit* on all fronts

💃 Taking your business seriously is as much mindset as it is having the right pieces in place -- really successful business owners also took these EXACT same steps

💃 It does not have to be a costly process if you are willing to do the legwork yourself! (and you totally can)

About Katrina Aronson

Katrina worked on Wallstreet before launching her first business in 2013. She's grown 2 multi-6-figure businesses while being a busy mom, and learning to navigate the online business space. 

She's worked with over 150 female entrepreneurs and is on a mission to level the playing field for women, making information accessible and remove the intimidation in growing a business. 

Katrina blends her background in both business and psychology to bring the most expansive experience to the entrepreneurial journey. She's a certified Neuro-marketer, a mom, and a perfectionist's worst nightmare. 

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