Let's Collaborate!

Hey there! Thanks so much for your interest in collaborating with me! If we haven't met, I am Katrina. I am an entrepreneur turned marketing + business strategy coach for modern female entrepreneurs. That is fancy talk for: I help women with launching, growing, and scaling their businesses through powerful marketing strategies.

No matter how you got here, I know that you are truly committed to bringing value to your audiences, and are willing to share your knowledge and skills with the world. 

One of my favorite ways to consistently provide value to my following is to have real, live, unscripted, and unedited conversations with women who really know their stuff! These typically take the form of Facebook and/or Instagram lives, as well as on my podcast, Through the Marketing Lens.  

I would love to find out what value you can provide for my audience, and what I can provide for yours as well! Please fill out the survey below and join the group, and I will be in touch if I feel that we are a good fit! 

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