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What's a Digital CMO?

Well, a CMO (or Chief Marketing Officer) is a traditional C-level employee that is in charge of all things marketing and growth. They are building strategies, doing marketing research, pricing, running advertising campaigns, etc. It's a pretty big job. 

Most small businesses are not in a position to employ a CMO, but that leaves a pretty big gap and probably means that the CEO or owner is running all things marketing. Yikes. Frankly, this is a big reason businesses don't succeed or leave a lot of money on the table. Marketing is a very different expertise. 

Your Digital CMO is a consulting-style approach to offering high-level marketing and growth to small businesses. Imagine having someone with the same goals as you do and the exact roadmap to get there. From strategy to implementation to goal-setting, you are now in a partnership so you don't have to do this alone, but you are still in the driver's seat. This is not just marketing 101, it's a revolution.

Marketing Mastery

A luxe hybrid in-person & virtual CMO experience and aligned partnership. We are your side-by-side team to not only show you how, but help with some of the implementation.

  • Real market research as a "fly on the wall" in your space to identify best opportunities for growth

  • One "Zoom Out" meeting per month all things strategy, planning, and tools to implement it 

  • One monthly "Zoom In" meeting to bring your vision to life in real time -- and we do the work together

  • In person or virtual team training

  • Done-for-you funnel creation so you don't have to waste your time in the weeds of your funnel

  • Support and accountability throughout the month


*6-month minimum

Marketing Maven

The high-touch experience of an in-house CMO with a virtual collaboration. We will build a completely custom marketing plan based on your goals, and we will help you bring it to fruition. 

  • One "Zoom Out" meeting per month with strategy, planning, and tools to implement 

  • One monthly "Zoom In" meeting to bring your vision to life in real time -- and do the work together

  • Custom video trainings for you and your team to implement, organize, and execute 

  • Support throughout the month, through Voxer or email

1300/ month

*6 month minimum

Digital CMO Menu

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What does this really do for you?




Step One: Your marketing clarity. You will really understand your messaging, your pricing, your offer(s), and most importantly why you are different. These are key elements to your marketing and yes, your sales. These might seem like basics, but we dive deep so you can stop just scratching the surface.  

Step Two: Your digital footprint and funnels. We identify where you show up, how you show up, and develop your strategy for the most impact. It's not about being everywhere, it's about being a couple of places with ferocity. That means optimizing your time as well as your searchability. 

Step Three: The secret sauce. Standing out in today's small business world is not for everyone -- and in fact, most people will never really do it. The fact that you are here means you are one of the few that cares to do it differently... (if you are curious as to how, we do share everything about our methods, just not on a random website page that Karen will just steal)

Marketing is a direct line to your sales and revenue. But, it goes way beyond social media channels & having website. Your Digital CMO is your marketing clarity and your overall strategy to drive sales. No more posting and hoping, okay?  We have helped over 125 small businesses to hit their goals, and even double and triple their revenue. 

How do we do it? 

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