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 Scale Your Service-Based Business to 6 Figures with Human-First Marketing Strategies That WORK

Here’s what you’ll get with Launchpad:

  • 8 x trainings of our human-first marketing framework to get your marketing rocking [VALUE $2300]

  • 2 x Intimate group coaching calls to give you the expert access & accountability [VALUE $700]

  • Our AI formulas for all of your content creation [VALUE 1200]


  • 2 expert bonus sessions to help you with running your business properly [VALUE $900]

What Has Been Happening...

Each of these clients applied the 8 steps of Launchpad to their business 

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A Peek Inside Launchpad

The 8 Core Elements Unveiled
1.  Owning Your Edge

Your marketing doesn't start with social media posts. It starts with you simply talking about what you do.
You need to know what makes you special as a business... and be able to articulate it so you c
an attract clients.
I walk you thought how to identify this and start talking about your business in a new way. No more Plain Janes up in here.
2.  Offers & Pricing That Draws Them In

Your offers are not just "what you do", but it is a promise you are giving your clients. It needs to be strong and speak to their needs --- and I'll show you how to do this.
Your pricing also needs to be fully aligned with your offer. I share a formula so your pricing and offers has clients saying, "hell yes" 
3.  How To Sell With Your Client Journey  

Your client experience is not just for after they become clients. You can wow your clients well before they come on board and make working together a no-brainer. 
I'll show you how to get in touch with your client journey, and make it bada$$. 
4.  How To Systemize For 6-Figures

What systems do you need to scale to 6-figures with ease? Our systems expert will walk you through what you need now and how to use you can use it to make impact on both your clients & you. 
5.  Your Messaging & Content Blueprint

82% of small business owners don't "understand messaging", and that's a huge bummer. Don't worry because I'll show you how to use our proprietary messaging system so you can write your nail your messaging every time.

And I'll teach you how to plan and write your content using AI & messaging combined so you can get your brand out there... and get leads knocking on your door.
6.  Building a Simplified Funnel

Funnels are a really powerful way to scale your marketing, but they can be intimidating AF. I will show you how to build a simple funnel using just 2 systems you probably already have. 
Funnels are a way to nurture and increase sales and you will know exactly how to create them for your business.   
7.  How To Optimize Your Digital Real Estate

The places where your business lives in the digital space, like your website and your social media bio, is your digital real estate. 
These should be way more than place holders, and should work for you to make sales. You'll learn the basics of optimizing your digital real estate so you're getting the most out of it. 
8.  Final Integration

The last step in our process is to integrate the steps together to create a system with human-first knowledge.
You'll cement the pie
ces of your new marketing structure and turn it into a real system. This is a magical step that makes your hard work a reality.

You get 2 intimate group coaching calls to get you there with accountability & high-touch expertise access. These calls are worth over $700, but we INCLUDE them in Launchpad!

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