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Get ready for the simple marketing template 
for more leads and conversions

Watch this short video (about 5 min), and learn the exact strategy

After you watch:

I dare you to use the strategy, and DM me if you are struggling. I will walk you through it in the DMs. Sometimes we need someone outside the business to see it -- only 1 in 5 will take me up on this. Will it be you

Built 2 of my own 6+ figures businesses, didn't just jump into coaching

I have worked with 100 women 1:1 or in intimate group setting, and I am just getting started

On a mission to help 10k women entrepreneurs by 2026

Everyone has a story...

I'm Katrina. I'm a mom of 2 happy and kooky kids & wife to a wildly supportive husband. We live in West Palm Beach, FL and spend summers traveling and in NYC.


Being a working mom is a big part of who I am. I am also a craver of fulfilling connection, adventure, and another cup of coffee (or matcha). 

katrina aronson marketing strategy coach for female entrepreneurs
digital marketing business tips strategy
marketing event palm beach florida women business owner retreat

Marketing is my expertise because I have learned how to do it in my businesses first. 

And, I have helped  over 135 women to create and build their dream businesses. I don't believe in trickery or pushy bro-marketing. I am a certified human-first marketer, and it has paid off. Yes, I make multi-6-figures, but most importantly, I lead with integrity. If you want the same, I will show you how. 

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3 neuromarketing
backed techniques

Tap into science by dipping your toe into 3 techniques that are proven.  In this workbook, you can learn how to bring these techniques into your biz.


neuromarketing effect

For entrepreneurs who are looking to dive into how to elevate their brand's marketing TODAY. In this FREE Workshop, learn how my clients double and triple their income by focusing on integrating science into the marketing!

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