Marketing Blueprint Collective

A Supported Collective for Biz Beginners 


The Marketing Blueprint Collective is a super intimate group of women entrepreneurs who are in the beginning phases of their business.

Over the course of 3 weeks, we dive into your needs and build a real, custom, repeatable marketing plan for YOUR BUSINESS! (Read: super crazy productive) 








Imagine having a strong grasp on the foundation of your business, how to reach your ideal clients, and being able to create and implement a marketing strategy for your business in just 3 weeks. Let's make sense of all the ideas swirling in your brain and give you a strategy to focus on. 

This is a HIGHLY intensive program designed for eager entrepreneurs in the beginning of business. Maybe that is you! 


"I am so much more confident in my business now, and I know what to do next to get more clients!"

- Tami, Copywriter 



The Marketing Blueprint Collective

"So incredibly grateful for Katrina's guidance. She is so knowledgable"

Lea, Sign Language Mentor

"It took me 3 weeks to do things in my business backend that I have been sorting through for a few months."

- Olivia , Branding Expert

Join Us!
Hey, I am Katrina. 
I am an entrepreneur turned business coach for female entrepreneurs. I've built and scaled my own businesses to 6+ figures, and made a lot of expensive mistakes along the way. 
I want to give you the tools to build the best business you can for yourself, not just for your bank account or for your followers. FOR YOU. FOR YOUR LIFE. I have helped 50+ women in their businesses and I am not stopping anytime soon. 
Join me in the Marketing Blueprint Collective. I built this program especially for my biz newbies. This is a special way to get access to a coach and support of your peers. 
We have a lot of work to do. I am so excited to see you make some serious headway! 

The Marketing Blueprint Collective is designed in a really special way to take the intimidation out of business. Here is how it works: 

You are getting access to my coaching by way of a structured group, and the most focused content to get your business in a full-speed-ahead trajectory. This about creating a repeatable marketing plan so you can make sales OVER AND OVER AND OVER. 


The next one starts on November 5th!! 

And I want you in it. 


$495 (last round at this price) 

+ Three Zoom lessons with your collective 

+ Three workbooks

+ Access to proprietary resources for your business 

+ Voxer access to the group and coaching

+ Walk away with a real repeatable marketing plan to make sales over and over 




Jump on the list below! You will receive more info and a link to book a call so we make sure this is the BEST program for you.