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10 Ways To Bring New Leads To Your Business

We all want to make more revenue in our business...

Ultimately that's the goal in business, right? There's a few ways to go about that, but one big way we'll be talking about today is getting in front of new eyes. Consistently getting more eyes on your business will lead to more sales overtime.

First of all, what is a lead? It's someone that has the criteria to eventually become a client/customer. Eventually is the keyword there. This isn't about making a ton of sales today, but rather we're building this out so that you have new people converting into sales over time. This allows you to operate from a place of power, rather than scarcity.

So how do we get more leads?


Here's ten ways that you can get new leads into your business:

1. Social media platforms

A regular content strategy on social media will absolutely put your business in front of new eyes. This has to be a part of a larger strategy, but be sure to show up consistently in whichever way the platform you choose is pushing.

2. A lead magnet or "freebie"

This is a great way to get more people onto your email list, by giving away something of value in exchange for their email.

3. Ads

A great way for people to discover you for the first time! Both digital and print ads can be super beneficial to your business.

4. Events

This could be an event that you host or something like a tradeshow that you're attending, and they can be virtual events too. Events are special because you get to make a one on one connection with the lead.

5. SEO

When people are searching online to purchase something from a business like yours, does your name pop up? Making sure you're on the first page of the Google search results is huge for finding new leads that are already ready to become a customer.

6. Podcasts

Whether it's one that you host or one that you're a guest on, podcasts are an incredible way to share your expertise with a new audience.

7. Videos

Video is a great way to have new folks stumble upon you from Youtube or other platforms. Like events, it creates more of a personal connection with the viewer, making them a warmer lead from the start.

8. Referrals/Affiliate Programs

If you have clients/customers that are willing to rave about how much they love you and your business, creating an affiliate program or referral system is an awesome way to incentivize your current clients to send new ones your way.

9. User-generated content

This is when other people share your content on their platforms, because what you created had value that's sharable.

10. Collaborations

Using other people's platforms to reach new audiences and share your wealth of knowledge. This can be in any number of ways, from emails, videos, events, podcasts.


These ten options all have the potential to bring amazing new leads your way. But, now that you have all these leads, what the heck do you do now? If you don't have a plan here, you're not alone! However, you need a lead nurturing system or process if you want those new leads to ever convert to sales.

I talked all about this and how to convert those leads to sales in this recent episode of the podcast. Be sure to give it a listen to get more in depth info on everything mentioned here.


Listen or click below to learn more!


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