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Ask Yourself: Before You Brand

There are a hundred, no - a thousand questions you ask yourself in the process of building a brand. Some are sexy and fun, like designing a logo and a website, but there are certain questions that need to be addressed first.

When it comes down to strategy, there are aspects that need to be understood about yourself as a brand. There are many components of brand strategy, but I haven’t seen this one discussed nearly enough.

This needs to be answered, and it needs to be answered with conviction. With complete confidence. You’re going to be pulled in a lot of different directions along your journey, and you need to have the answer to this question so you aren’t lost along the way.

Are you ready?

Here it is: What do you stand for, as a brand?

We’ve all heard the phrase “Stay in your lane.” The answer to this question really gives you the footing to understand exactly where your lane is and how to grow your brand into maturity. The emphasis in this situation is on your brand, separate from what you stand for as a person.

This is where it can be confusing.

If you know me personally (hi, I'm Katrina) you know the things I stand for - though I don’t necessarily talk about those things through my brand.

If you know my brand, Katrina Aronson Consulting, you know it focuses on women's empowerment through business, learning, engaging, and connectivity. Period.

When I’m making decisions for my business, I can come back to that core sentence of what my brand stands for and I can feel good about it.

I encourage you to make it tactile, take a piece of paper, and write it down.

“What do I stand for as a brand?”

“Who am I?”

It should be very clear for you, and if it isn’t, I encourage you to put in the work to establish your personality as a brand so that it becomes very clear for you.

Understanding yourself as a brand is really important, so that all your future decisions may align with those core principles. Your choice in partners aligns, what you share on social media aligns, how the world consistently sees you is in clear correlation with what you stand for.

I challenge you to ask yourself the not-so-sexy questions today, so that you may join me in diving deeper into brand strategy in the first episode of my podcast!

I’m excited to announce that my podcast, will be launching on September 15th. I can’t wait to share more with you, coming soon.



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