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Behind the Scenes of Two Success Stories

Today I’m going to walk you through two of my clients, what they've been doing differently, what's been happening to their revenue numbers, and how we've gotten to a place of sustainable upward momentum and growth, in all areas!

The first is a service provider, and the second owns a retail store and provides both products and services.

Let’s start with client #1. Here’s a little bit of background:

She is a marketing-focused VA who has been in the marketing and online-business world for a while, but she has really struggled to grow her business, especially as of March this year (when everyone’s business changed, and things were confusing, to put it mildly!). She was serving female entrepreneurs (like me!) but was struggling to create effective messaging around such a broad market, thus not getting the interest or results she was wanting.

Our first step was to niche down even further and create the smallest viable market for her. We pinpointed her ideal clients as female entrepreneurs who also have a 9-5, and were working to build their side hustle into something more. This niche-down brought a few super-important changes:

  • Her messaging changed in her emails, social profiles, and she got involved in some Facebook groups where these women were hanging out and seeking support.

  • She adjusted her working hours that made more sense not only for her clients, but her too! Women who work a 9-5 plus a side hustle have to do most of the heavy lifting at odd hours – and she made herself available then, as well as all day for quick messages through a communication tool.

So where is she now after making these big changes? Her numbers are already back up to where they were last year, and she is on track to make 20% more than she did last year! After one pandemic and a few big realizations about how to serve her ideal clients best, I’d say this outcome is pretty amazing. She is booking more and more calls every day, and really digging her heels in to maintain this incredible growth.


Okay, now client number two.

She owns a retail store that sells products and custom gift services, and has been around for a while. Though she's pretty well-known within the community, she still needs to do some brand awareness work because it's not enough.

She hasn't reached everyone in her community, and we really wanted to focus locally so she's done a few new things since we’ve gotten started:

  • She's worked with local influencers, really successfully.

  • She has also done a great job with upping her email marketing game (she had a lot of emails, but she wasn't doing anything with them)

  • She’s paying a lot more attention to her social media pages – and for her to be able to do that consistently, she’s brought on a VA to help with the heavy lifting and keep her accountable.

But there's more! We also looked at her numbers which is obviously really important. It's great to be doing all this marketing, but what's the point if you're not making the profit that you want to be making?

So, when we saw her numbers after making these changes, we realized - also up, and not slowing down anytime soon! As we pay attention to these particular items and activities - her margins are pretty good, but there was room for growth there. Another thing we decided to do was create marketing campaigns around products and services that would also increase her profit margin.

So, as her revenue grew, her profit grew - not just her sales numbers, her profit. So her revenue for 2020 July vs 2019 July was up 50%. I mean, WOW. There’s nowhere to go but up from here!


I’m so happy and inspired by the results that my clients have achieved over the course of their coaching programs with me, and I am so grateful to have guided them toward the success they deserve.

If you’re ready to achieve BIG results like these, head over to this page and check out how you can get started today.



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