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What You Need To Market Better: Brand Positioning

Partner Blog Post Contributed by Jones + Co, a branding strategy shop dedicated to moving companies and ideas into the future

You’ve got it. You’re out there in the market, you’re doing well. People are recognizing your brand and choosing it, buying it, interacting with it. But now what?

It’s common to get this far even without a plan. The momentum and excitement of a new brand propels you to create the physical aspects of your company: logo, offerings, website, business card. You even have an email sequence. But now, what?

You need positioning.

We hosted a workshop especially on this topic with Jones + Co. We teach you how to create your own brand positioning and market your business better.

So many times we are forced to get things up and running, but now it is time to look forward and inward at the same time. It’s time to future-proof and develop your brand positioning. Then, you’ll know exactly what to do next.

What is brand positioning and why do you need it?

Brand positioning is the space you occupy in your future customer’s mind.

Brand positioning will:

  1. Differentiate you in the market amongst the sea of sameness that can happen in a crowded category

  2. Give you a way to communicate your brand concisely and consistently

  3. Give you a hook, that acts as more than a tagline, it’s the meaning behind your brand

  4. Give your customers what they are looking for - connecting your service or product to their deeper need

  5. Give you a North Star for your brand; an internal road map for planning, messaging and future marketing efforts

  6. Give you the direction for all things brand; choosing or refreshing your logo, color palette, imagery selection, graphics, personality, and tone across all marketing channels, including social media

And building that roadmap all begins with research. Learn how to look at, and be inspired by your competition, define your category and speak with your customers to tell your brand story. Not your story, your brand story. You can watch the workshop replay (below).

Below are the key questions we talked about asking your business friends and customers. Chew on them for a while. Answer them yourself first, then get talking, get curious.

Questions to ask:

1. In your own words, what is <your company>?

This helps set you in the right direction of defining your category.

2. What do you deliver to your customers/clients?

This helps you define your benefits.

3. How do you do this better than your competition?

This helps you show you why you’re different and the only one.

But now what?

Jones+Co. can help you stand out. We are now offering two packages to help entrepreneurs step out into the market with a narrative that resonates, messaging that is consistent with your brand, and the ability to solidify your future customers’ perceptions of your brand.


Through The Marketing Lens is a weekly podcast fluff-free podcast that is all about bringing you how to start, grow, and scale your small business with direction. Katrina Aronson, the host, is a seasoned entrepreneur and Marketing + Business Coach. She has grown her own businesses to multi-six figures and teaches women entrepreneurs to do it with confidence.



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