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Four Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

We've heard it a thousand times...

Email marketing is among the highest converting types of content marketing you can spend your time on. But simple choices I see people making in their marketing emails is potentially costing you revenue.

Your email list is the best way to reach the people that care the most about you and your business. But if you're making these all too common mistakes, there's a chance they won't stick around for long...

In this week's episode of my podcast, I covered four mistakes you might be making in your email marketing strategy:

1. Sending out a weekly newsletter about yourself.

It's a sort of difficult truth, but people don't really care to hear about you and what you've been up to. They are far more interested in hearing about how something you've done could apply to their own life.

As businesses, we need to learn to shift the language in our emails to be more centered on the client's perspective. What do they really want from my business? What value are they hoping to gain from these emails?

Approaching each email with this lens of "what is my reader going to take away from this?" will help you keep more subscribers reading all the way through.

2. Including too many pictures, graphics, gifs, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty picture or a funny gif in my emails. But the truth is, most of the time, those extra elements on the screen aren't going to impact the number of people opening, reading, or clicking through.

Worst case, if you use too many in one email, or use too large of a file, you risk it not loading properly for some of your subscribers. Think about it. If you received an email and it took longer than 15 seconds for it to load, would you bother sticking around to read it? Probably not, and your subscribers feel the same.

Overall, don't be afraid to spice up your emails with some more fun elements, but be aware of the file size that you're using and always send a test email to yourself to ensure it loads properly and quickly.

3. Linking to too many different places.

If you're including more than a couple of different links in your emails, you're potentially overwhelming your reader. With too many options for where to go next, a ton of people are going to choose to click away entirely because it requires too much mental energy to make the decision of which link to follow.

Choose one place (such as your website or your Instagram) that you direct people to throughout your email. You can link to that one place multiple times throughout your email, but all of the links will take the reader to the same place, so they won't feel the same overwhelm.

4. Not optimizing your subject line and preview text.

On average, business owners are receiving well over 100 emails everyday. If your subject line doesn't immediately stand out to your subscriber, why would they take the time to open and actually read it?

Make sure it is still in your voice and keep it relevant to the email content itself, but something that is more clever or snarky that keeps the reader intrigued will drastically improve your open rates.

For example, if your email was focused on a new sales call strategy you've been using, your subject line could be something along the lines of "I can't believe I used to do it THAT way". This subject leaves the reader with questions that they'll want to open your email to find out the answers to.

Okay, be honest, have you been making any of these common mistakes in your email marketing??

If so, this is your invitation to take these tips and implement them in all the emails you're sending out TODAY! Be sure to let me know the difference that it makes.

If you're interested in hearing more, I HIGHLY recommend the most recent episode of Through The Marketing Lens podcast, where I cover even more strategy tips for email marketing and beyond!

Listen or click below to learn more!




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