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Getting Clear on Your Client

When getting started on identifying your ideal client, many entrepreneurs ask questions like:

· Man or woman?

· What age group?

· Where do they live?

Beyond the basics, let’s delve into the details. Say your client is a coffee drinker. Go further:

· What kind of coffee? – hot or cold

· What brand of coffee? – Dunkin’Donuts or Starbucks

· What is their go-to order? – Iced latte’s please

Why are these questions important?

When you’ve narrowed down the specifics on your client you can begin to speak their language. When crafting an email or a social media post you can add in vernacular that really stands out to that person.

“I’m having the most productive day thanks to my Starbucks iced latte. All things are possible with caffeine!”

With one simple sentence, you can break a barrier and reach your target client. You can catch their attention and they’ll realize “OH, this information is speaking to me.”

A message is heard with generalities, but each time you add in targeted sentences your ideal client’s ears will perk up and they’ll tune in even more to what you’re saying. You’ll be able to pare back the onion on who you actually want to be listening to.

Get crystal clear on who your client is and why. Start with a list of five specific things to add to your marketing copy in order to penetrate that wall and reach your client more effectively.

If you’re having trouble, utilize the TOTALLY FREE Client Identification worksheet I’ve provided for you, available here.

All marketing starts with the client. Make sure you can identify yours.



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