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Is That You, or Your Ego?

What's the hardest part of marketing? Your ego.

Big or small, your ego is here to protect you. It’s always going to want you to do the things that are the safest, it's going to make sure that you don't do things that are uncomfortable.

The hardest part about marketing is getting out of your own way.

Marketing is constantly uncomfortable, and letting yourself be uncomfortable is the only way to get pretty good at it. It's about putting yourself out there, all the time. Your ego (naturally) wants nothing to do with that.

One way that we can probably all relate to this comes up in social media. Struggling to hit the “post” button, or being afraid to show up on video – chances are if you can really dig into that, it’s your ego standing in the way. Being afraid of what people may think of you is natural, but the only way to the other side of marketing is pushing through that fear.

It's not as big of a deal as we all make it. If the copy is good and you know it? If the picture is good and you know it? Then what's stopping you? Your ego is just sabotaging what you are creating. The only way for consumers to see the value that you're adding to their lives and consequently buy from you is by showing up via marketing.

So, how do you actually put into place a plan that will enable you to push through that ego block? Here’s what works for me. These are things I do consistently in my business and I help clients to do as well.

· Journaling: get really clear on what your goals are and do it consistently

· Meditation: give yourself the time and space to be still so you can become aware of the things that are blocking you

· Strategy: hold yourself accountable, and be specific

Not only on a broad, big picture, but what are you doing on specific days at specific times?

Without a detailed plan, sometimes we just skip over the things we really don't want to do (myself included).

When creating a strategy for your business, it’s important to make it one that you can actually implement. If you don’t choose a plan that will work in your life, it’ll never be sustainable. Burnout and the desire to quit will be at the forefront instead of consistency and drive.

Life can be exhausting. Make it easier on yourself with a plan that you know you can follow through with.



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