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Goal Setting: What do you actually want?

Let’s chat about goal setting, as it relates to you and your business.

So often, the focus is on revenue.

“I want to hit 10k a month.”

“How can I reach 20k months?”

…and so it goes.

However, if we aren’t focusing on what we want from our businesses personally as well as financially, then we can easily be taken off path. If all we're focusing on is the revenue and not what we actually want to get from our business…that’s when things go south.

So, do you want to be working 20 hours a week, or is your goal to be working 50? What is it that you want from your business, so that it's being built in a way that is growing for you.

I had a client who really wanted to be taken out of the urgency that comes with owning a business. She didn’t want anything to do with marketing or social media.

However, her clients kept coming to her for guidance on marketing, asking for favors.

She was really only focusing on her bottom line, so she kept saying yes. The internal dialogue was “Just this one job.” or “I’m going to see where this takes me.”

She wasn’t mapping out her business to align with what she really wanted, rather than just her revenue.

By only focusing on the bottom line, she wasn't paying attention to what she actually wanted so there ends up being a lot more cleanup. It happens naturally because we're focusing on the money, so if we're not spending the time to get really clear on what we want, burn out is inevitable.

If this is ringing a bell for you, or if you're interested in hearing my tips about goal setting, you should absolutely check out the most recent episode of Through The Marketing Lens podcast.

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