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The 4 Ways Writing a Book Will Help Your Business

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Maybe it’s a far off dream for you or maybe you already have ideas in mind. All you know is that you have expertise to share that others could benefit from.

As an expert in your field, writing a book is also an incredible way to boost recognizability for your brand and credibility for both you and your business. While it can be super daunting to write an entire book, the benefits it can have for your business can be SO worth it.


Here are four reasons why writing a book that’s related to your field can be an exceptional marketing tool for your business:

1. It gives you and your brand CREDIBILITY.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise is always a great way to gain credibility, but if you have enough experience and insight to fill an entire book, readers will see you as an expert in this topic. (Not to mention getting to add “published author” to your bio!)

2. Brings new leads to your biz.

There are plenty of people, plenty of your ideal client, that have never heard of you or your services simply because they don’t hang out on the same social platforms as you. You can absolutely reach some of these people through your book! You can trust that any reader that gains enough value from your book will be quickly heading to your website and looking into your other products/services, passively bringing more qualified leads to your biz.

3. Books are recommendable.

Unlike ads or other traditional marketing options, readers will often recommend a book that they enjoyed to friends and family, or share it on their social media, which will again bring more leads to you without any extra work on your part.

4. You'll earn more money.

Not only are new leads finding you through your book and bringing more business to you, you’re also earning some extra cash every time someone buys your book in the first place! Double win!


Are you convinced yet that writing a book is an amazing marketing strategy with long term benefits for both you and your biz?

Interested in getting started, but completely lost on where to go from here?

If you want to hear more, I HIGHLY recommend the most recent episode of Through The Marketing Lens podcast, where we spoke with Julie Broad, founder of (a self-publishing services firm), about the world of self-publishing and her recommendations for getting started.


Listen or click below to learn more!



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