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Branding Photoshoot Tips + Musts

There is undoubtedly an art to telling the story that is behind you + your brand. It is far more interesting than a bunch of brand collateral that feels impersonal. It is an experience that engages your potential customer, one where they get to know that special story. It starts with a styled brand photoshoot.

Here are some tips + musts to make sure your brand shoot goes off well.

“A brand photo shoot is a chance for you to create content for your brand on various platforms. It is the message you will convey out to the world through visuals. Let them hear you."

1. Put Time Into Thinking About The Purpose of The Photoshoot

Are you using this these photos on Instagram? Website? For press releases that will be online? Marketing material? If so, what sizes are you going to need? And, this will change the style of photo. You may need a headshot for a website, but a lifestyle for a press release. You will need the photographer to understand this, as well.

Make a list of all the places you foresee using these photos. Here are some ideas:

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Press

  • Media Kit

  • Branding Material

2. Create An Inspired Pinterest Board / Mood Board

This is a really important step! Set aside time to create a mood board (I use Pinterest) with all of the colors, desired looks. I like to search a few of my clients' style icons in photoshoots. Use colors, textures, flowers, style of photography, fashion, and locations that would be ideal within your photoshoot. Remember to make sure they align with your brand.

3. Pick Your Location

Maybe you have a place in mind already that will work for your shoot. This is an important piece of your puzzle.

Are you inviting your customers into your home?

Are you cooking in your kitchen?

Are you on a city street?

Are you on the beach?

Are you in your office?

The lighting, colors, vibe of the location all play an important role. Make sure the space has nice natural light, if possible. And, yes, this all needs to align with your brand. If you are a jewelry designer, think about a place where you can best showcase what you do. Perhaps that is in your studio, shop or within your home. Allow people to see you somewhere that feels relevant and that they are getting to know you a bit.

4. Pick Your Apparel

The outfits need to be on point. They have to say "I am here", but also "I am me". Stay within the feel of your shoot, but pick flattering silhouettes and colors for your body. You have to feel beautiful for this to work.

Buy a few outfits that you love. I like a mixture of dresses, skirts, jeans, etc. If you tend to gravitate to florals and patterns, make sure you tone down some of the photos a bit, as well. You don't want everything to be the same print style.

Put the entire outfit on before the shoot and take a photo of yourself. From earrings to shoes. Snap it and hang them up for the day.

5. Create A Shot List

Now that you know the outfits, style, location and intention of the photoshoot, you can create the full shot-list for the photographer. This is a chance to communicate with the photographer exactly what you want and make less room for mistakes. The day of the shoot can be a little stressful if you leave too much thinking on the table.

Make the shot list as detailed as possible, and you can always tweak it on the day. Any props you will be including should be listed on the shot list so you do not forget to use them.

5. Organize Your Props

Make sure you have everything that you will need for the day-of ready to go. I like to put all of my props in a clear plastic bin with a list of everything inside. It is an easy way to transport and see what is already in there.

6. Day-Of Styled Photoshoot

Do whatever it is that you need to feel like the best version of you.

Look, this process can be daunting, but it is worth the sweat. My best advice is to make the investment worth it and enlist a branding professional to guide you, as well as working with a phenomenal photographer.



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