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Why This Is A Moment To Seize in Your Business

This is for all my business women who are overwhelmed right now. Let's dig in here with why this is a really important moment in your business.

Look, this is a super strange moment for the entire world. And if you are feeling compelled to get quiet, do it. Go for it. Much will come from that. But, I am going to say with certainty that this is a really powerful moment for you to make waves from inside your business.

Pivot Your Messaging + Make The Changes

What does this even mean? You guys! You need to figure out what your ideal client needs right now and pivot what you are saying to feed that need. Are your photos falling flat on social media? Take notice. Change your tone to feel relatable and get this: relevant to right now.

Peloton is a great example. I am obsessed with their app and I love how they read my mind! They knew people were home as a family and working out alone would be harder to put into practice. (Eh hem, I can attest to that!) So, they pivoted and made their app more family-friendly with new family workout classes.

How can you put this into practice for your business?

It Is Time To Build Your Email List

Yes, this is THE time to build your email list. Not in a week, or a month, or when this pandemic moment is over. You have a captive audience with social media usage up significantly right now. Get them OFF of social media and onto your list.

Your email list is a super powerful tool to reach your ideal client on a real, impactful level. So, what can you provide right now to your following to get them onto your email list?

Get Your Face On Video

People need you right now. They are craving connection.”

Throw all your excuses out the window. I had the same excuses not too long ago; I get it. Your ego is screwing with you, and you need to get out of your own way.

People need you right now. They are craving connection, and you can do that with video. Instagram and Facebook Stories, Live videos, Youtube, Zoom recorded videos, webinars. Pick one that feels good to you and your brand and jump on. My favorite is Instagram stories and I am starting to get into Youtube.

Tips: Keep it short and sweet. Give your ideal client a reason to watch and a reason to trust you. Offer them information that is helpful to them right now. Save your sales pitch for another time and just use this time to offer them something they need. In time, this connection will grow and the sales pitch will lead to more success.

Set Yourself Apart

Honestly, many businesses just don't know what to do it right now. It is causing business paralysis. People feel a tone-deaf campaign and are retracting from brands. I hear it around me constantly.

You have a chance to stand out in the crowd right now. Through thoughtfulness, mindfulness, and creating a genuine connection, you will set yourself up for sales that surpass your expectations. How can you be different from the pack?

There is no question that this moment is terrifying for entrepreneurs. But, in a moment of fear and unknown, there is opportunity.



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