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Three Reasons You Should Only Offer ONE Thing In Your Business

It might seem counterintuitive, but it WILL help your business grow.

You can look no further than Levi's to see an example of this model in action. While Levi's may sell plenty of other clothing types nowadays, they started off with one thing: jeans. They became well known for their jeans and because that's what they focused all their energy and attention on. Then once Levi's had the brand recognition and trust, they could branch out and scale.

The one thing model has worked time and time again for small businesses and it's something that I recommend to any new business owner that is feeling scattered, or like their offerings are too broad, too all over the place. Here's a look at just a couple of the massive benefits this model can have for your business.

Three reasons why the One Thing Model WORKS:

1. Focusing all your marketing on one thing means you will be KNOWN for that thing.

Just as Levi's as a brand is practically synonymous with jeans, your brand could be synonymous with your one thing. You become the "go-to" person for that thing because it's what you specialize in.

2. You're constantly improving and mastering your craft.

Since it's essentially the only thing you work on, you're going to become a MASTER at whatever your one thing is. This is going to lead to higher quality product, which leads to happier customers, better testimonials, and further cementing your position as the "go-to" person for this thing.

3. Your confidence is going to skyrocket

When you're an expert in what you offer and constantly have customers telling you how much they love what you have created, it's hard not to be confident!

If you want to hear more, you should check out this episode of the podcast where I dive into this idea of the one-thing model.


Listen or click below to learn more!



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