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Tips to Show up Powerfully on Video

Today’s topic, VIDEO! I just released a four-part video series called Ladies who Launched and in my first video, I interviewed Julie Slack, a voiceover artist, and an actress. She shared so many useful tips to help me feel more comfortable and confident on video that I know would benefit you as well!

If I’m being real, video is NOT my thing. I know a lot of us struggle with it, and showing up on video is HARD. I want you to know that I feel you, but you have to do it anyway. I’m gonna say that again for the woman out there who thinks her message isn’t worthy- do it anyway. Video is so powerful and it is all about relationship building. I can attest to this, and as a coach, I talk about this all the time.

One of the tips that helped me a lot that Julie shared was to download the Teleprompter app. It’s an app that allows the words that you have, that you would have been looking down at your notes for, to scroll on the screen. I used it last week in my noteworthy Wednesday video I shared on my Instagram stories! I had notes that were scrolling so that I didn’t have to look away from the camera, and hopefully, you felt like I was talking to you. I’m going to start using it more and more for my videos so you’ll have to check out my Instagram stories to see if you notice a difference. Follow me @Katrinaaronson_consulting

That was just one of the big takeaways that I had from Julie’s video. If you want to catch the full thing, head over to either my Instagram account to watch the replay on IGTV, or you can check out the YouTube video here.



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