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Why Email Marketing is Profoundly Effective

I have a question for you. Did you know that email marketing gets you about, on average, 122% ROI (return on investment). Do you spend a lot of your marketing resources on email marketing, or do you tend to focus elsewhere?

I want to share with you specifically why email marketing is so profoundly effective still to this day.

Email marketing is MEASURABLE. Unlike social media, where you tend to have a lot of “passive” followers, email marketing gives you the ability to track, segment and market to your audience in a way that social media does not. So while social media is great, and we get this ability to connect so many people that we may not have otherwise, it doesn’t always give us a great representation of how many people are seeing and engaging with our content. Our social media followers don’t have to do anything, there’s no energy output on their part. So taking them off of social media and moving them to your platform where they have to put in their name and their information and learn more about you, that is an investment and an output of energy on their part. So, if they choose to actually follow you (join your email list), then that means they feel aligned already.

Getting a follower to convert to a client takes work and nurturing. Meeting them in your email list is far more conducive to continue nurturing them along and guiding them to what you ultimately want to purchase. To do this you can set up a welcome sequence, and continue to consistently show up in their inbox.

If email marketing is something you haven’t implemented in your business yet, share with me why not!



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