Why There is No “Right Time”

Last week I did an Instagram live with Melanie Lippman where we chatted about everything that’s going on in this world, the importance of it all and how it doesn’t really have an end date.

So what does that mean for business owners? Does that mean as a business we need to pause? Or be living in the fear that people might unsubscribe or unfollow us?

We talked about those questions and what it really feels like as a business owner to have people who decide to unsubscribe, unfollow, and honestly, it happens all the time. Despite what’s going on in the world right now, things could be seemingly perfect and you’d still have people unsubscribe and unfollow. The clearer you get with your messaging, people WILL unsubscribe and unfollow anyway.

If you’ve been using the current events as an excuse to say “it’s not the right moment for me to be sending out emails or campaigning,” you’ve been exposed. Listen, I get it. BUT there isn’t really going to be a “right moment” for a long time, just like there’s never a “perfect moment” to launch a business.

None of these things that are going on in the world are going away. They are shifting our culture. So for you to be able to stand up and speak in this moment and feel good about it and know, yes people might be unsubscribing from my list or because of what I said, those were never the people that were going to buy from you anyways. I promise you that.

So during this time, the real question should be, what are you sharing? What are you launching? What are you doing to reach your audience? Let me know in the comments.

Katrina Aronson is a business and marketing consultant and coach for passionate women entrepreneurs. She has a background in the corporate world and has launched two successful, product-based businesses in the fashion industry prior to realizing her true calling was to connect, empower, and serve other women. Katrina Aronson Consulting was born out of all the places she had been and the desire to empower other women to embrace their journeys.

When she’s not working, she’s a dedicated wife and a mom to two crazy (and awesome) kiddos plus a pup. She’s obsessed with coffee, the beach, and yoga. If you’d like to get to know Katrina better and see if her services are a fit for you, book a free call here

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