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Let's learn exactly how to protect your business (and your bank account). 


We are so excited to invite you to The Legal Workshop for online entrepreneurs. 

September 8th | 12pm EST



I am partnering with Berkley Sweetapple, a lawyer and fellow entrepreneur, to talk about the 5 common legal mistakes that small businesses make that are totally preventable. 

If you are a business owner that works with clients, has a website, and/or sells products or services, this workshop is for you. 

Berkley is on a mission to help women in business to avoid *expensive* legal issues by being protected! YES to that.

Here are some things we will cover:

  • Do you really need to set your small business up as a legal entity? 

  • Are you using contracts? If not, should you be? 

  • Do you need a privacy policy on your website? What happens without one?

  • What do you do if someone copies your work? 

Jump in and secure your spot free!