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What if you could create consistent authority content for your brand ...
like a damn guru? 

The Content Blueprint is the proven content planning system for entrepreneurs and business owners where you'll learn to plan and write epic content that positions YOU as an authority, and helps you make more money through the power of content marketing.

The Content Blueprint is a strategy you can implement in your business in ONE day...

Are you ready to make content that converts?

Seen in


Creating content has always been a struggle for me. The Content Blueprint gave me the practical steps and exact roadmap to make content my ideal client really wants! I get more leads that turn into sales, and I don't stress about my content anymore. 


Psssst… Your Audience is Looking ForYou.
It’s Your Job to Create Content That Speaks To Them.

If you own a business of any kind -- whether you're a beginner or seasoned -- the radical truth is: 

Consistent content across all your channels -- email, social media, and anywhere else you show up -- is more important than ever before.


But, like the hundreds of clients we have helped, you might be struggling to come up with consistent content ideas or you just don't have a solid plan

in place. 

If you are riding that struggle bus, The Content Blueprint

is the proven content strategy you need to level up, create your plan, and start seeing real results from your content.

So, are you ready to start making consistent content with a proven step-by-step roadmap and finally stand out as the authority you really are?

If you have a business, it is not secret that content is important for online presence. The way Katrina teaches content is so easy and digestible, and I now regularly sell out my retreats and programs for my wellness business!


After You Complete The Content Blueprint,
'll Be An Expert In: 


Creating a Content
Plan For Your Brand

From your core pillars to your planning strategy, you will know exactly how to map for all of your content

Leveraging AI in All Of
Your Content Copy

Integrating AI into your content strategy saves tons of time, and you will know exactly how to leverage AI with prompts and techniques that make your life easier

Reaching Your Ideal Client Across Channels

Your ideal client is looking for you, but it's not all about just social media. The Content Blueprint will guide you in multiple ways of creating content so you can reach and nurture your leads



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Your Content Will Be Fire

Before you let all the mean voices of self-doubt creep in and think that you are not "enough of an expert" yet, I want you to know the BIG secret...


No entrepreneurs feel fully "ready" when they start showing up in their content, but they believe in themselves just enough to know they will get there. 


The Content Blueprint is an at-your-pace video breakdown of the exact strategy with prompts and tools. You will be able to follow along step-by-step and start implementing in just ONE DAY. We've already tested the process, and now you can stop stressing the "how" and start making the content that positions you as the authority you are.

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The Content Blueprint.png

Purchase now for just


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The entire step-by-step strategy recorded on video 

We recorded video breakdowns of exactly what the strategy is and step-by-step of how to apply it. You will have everything you need to learn and implement it all on your timeline, and you can watch as many times as you need to. 

The Content Blueprint Workbook to complete alongside the videos

What's Inside

The Content Blueprint.png

You'll get access to our workbook so you can do the work with me while you watch the videos. We made this as easy as possible for you

Access to our proprietary content messaging system 

Messaging is one of the most difficult parts of writing content and having it convert. But not anymore! You will learn how to create strong messaging from now on so people start saying, "wow, she really gets me"

Here's what 
they are sayin'

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About Katrina Aronson

Katrina worked on Wallstreet before launching her first business in 2013. She's grown 2 multi-6-figure businesses while being a busy mom, and learning to navigate the online business space. She is an expert in marketing, and specializes in human behavior marketing.

Katrina's worked with over 150 female entrepreneurs and is on a mission to level the playing field for women, making information accessible and remove the intimidation. 

Katrina blends her background in both business and psychology to bring the most expansive experience to the entrepreneurial journey. She's a certified Neuro-marketer, a mom, and a perfectionist's worst nightmare. 

Katrina Aronson Marketing and Business Consultant and Mentor

Built 2 of my own 6+ figures businesses, didn't just jump into coaching

I have worked with over 150 women on their businesses, and we're tripling that this year

We're on a focused mission to help 10k women entrepreneurs to run profitable business by 2026

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