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Your Content Strategy 
Made Easy

For the entrepreneurs & business owners ready to make your mark with content, and finally show up consistently. The Content Blueprint will teach everything you need to know to write, plan, and execute your badass content strategy.

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Psssst… Your Audience is Looking ForYou.
It’s Your Job to Create Content That Speaks To Them.

No small business owners signs up to be a content creator, but in 2024 consistent content is more important than ever before for growth.
But, that doesn't mean you have to live on a hamster wheel. In fact, quite the opposite, my friend. We're doing LESS than ever before, but making more $$.

Like the hundreds of business owners we've transformed from content-struggled to content-savvy, you no longer need to feel overwhelmed by the demands of content creation. The struggle to maintain consistency, generate fresh ideas, and devise a solid strategy ends TODAY!

Introducing The Content Blueprint – Your secret weapon in the war

on content chaos.

It's more than just a tool; it's a true revolution in content strategy.

It's a meticulously crafted, step-by-step roadmap to write, plan, and create content your audience actually wants. We made all the mistakes so you don't have to...

So, are you ready to embrace the ease of content creation and step into the spotlight with the swagger of Miley Cyrus [*hair flip*]? The Content Blueprint is your pathway to not just being seen, but being remembered.

If you have a business, it is not secret that content is important for online presence. The way Katrina teaches content is so easy and digestible! 


After You Finish The Content Blueprint,
'll Know How To:


Create a Content
Plan For Your Brand

Imagine having a crystal-clear roadmap for every piece of content you create, from your content pillars to the strategic planning that guides you when to show up.

We walk you through exactly how to create and plan the content strategy that fully aligns for you, so you can actually stick to it!

Leverage AI in All Of
Your Content Copy

Dive into the heart of innovation with exclusive access to our favorite AI prompts. These prompts are your creative partners, designed to give way new levels of inspiration and efficiency.

We don't just hand them over; we guide you step-by-step on how to wield these powerful assets, like a queen.

Scale Your Content With

More Channels

Social media is only one channel to reach your audience. The Content Blueprint will guide you to repurpose content for other channels, in just minutes.

By showing up in different places, you are nurturing those connections into loyal followers and customers.
And with that comes success, but without the stress. 



Creating content has always been a struggle for me. The Content Blueprint gave me the practical steps and exact roadmap to make content my ideal client really wants! 


I binged The Content Blueprint in ONE day. And, I started creating content using the system on day 2, and I cannot tell you how much more confident I am feeling.

-Dr L

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Make Your Content Fire!

Content marketing generates 3x more leads
than traditional marketing and costs 62% less
The Content Blueprint a simple 4-part process that will teach you exactly how
to build and implement your lead-driving content strategy, in just ONE day.

The entire step-by-step strategy recorded on video 

Video breakdowns for our 4-phase strategy that explain and guide in detail. You'll gain full access to all the tools you need to learn and implement these techniques at your own pace. Plus, enjoy the freedom to revisit and rewatch the content as often as you need.

The Content Blueprint Workbook to complete alongside the videos

What's Inside

The Content Blueprint.png

You'll get access to our workbook so you can do the work with me while you watch the video recordings. No one really learns by just watching, so you will work with me!

Access to our proprietary content messaging system 

They say messaging sells for a reason! We'll guide you through our simple and powerful AF messaging system that will have your audience exclaiming, "Wow, she really gets me!". Cue the sales. 

NEW!!! Our content planning in seconds AI prompts

We share the AI prompts that are completely revolutionizing content planning. Once you access these prompts, you will be able to create a 30-day plan in the time it takes you to brew your second cup of joe. 

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The Content Blueprint.png

Over $397 value
& you get access for just

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The marketing game shifts and changes on a dime, but content is a constant. We're completely obsessed with the kind of marketing that actually connects, and making that easier for business owners, like you.

You're not weeks away from having that strategy, you are just days away.

Imagine what could really change in your business in just a couple of weeks by showing up with confidence. Take your shot, lady.

About Katrina Aronson

Katrina worked on Wallstreet before launching her first business in 2013. She's grown 2 multi-6-figure businesses while being a busy mom, and learning to navigate the online business space. She is an expert in marketing, and specializes in human behavior marketing.

Katrina's worked with over 150 female entrepreneurs and is on a mission to level the playing field for women, making information accessible and remove the intimidation. 

Katrina blends her background in both business and psychology to bring the most expansive experience to the entrepreneurial journey. She's a certified Neuro-marketer, a mom, and a perfectionist's worst nightmare. 

Katrina Aronson Marketing and Business Consultant and Mentor

Built 2 of my own 6+ figures businesses, didn't just jump into coaching

I have worked with over 150 women on their businesses, and we're tripling that this year

We're on a focused mission to help 10k women entrepreneurs to run profitable business by 2026

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