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digital marketing strategy coach florida

how can we work together to grow your business?

Your marketing is about to be supercharged, highly aligned, and human-first 

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In 30-min Power Strategy Sessions, you will work with Katrina to answer your marketing and business questions -- or ask for general guidance. 

We typically address 1-2 items that are holding you back:

Here are some examples of what that might looke like:

  • What is a smart funnel for my offer? We can break down the steps to your funnel and exactly how to execute them for more leads and more conversions.

  • What is the next thing I need to focus on? Going in a specific order is actually important when you are growing a business ... and we will show you that order.

  • Social media audits & guidance - Are your profiles optimized, and how can you create more impact on your social media?

  • Content strategies for your life - Believe it or not, content creation is not the same for everyone. How can you create impactful content and stick with it? 

  • What are some streamlining tools I need? The systems and tools that can actually make your business run smoother, more efficiently, and decrease costs


$395 / 30-min session

Power Strategy Sessions are designed for the business owner who needs guidance, but does not want to invest in a longer term commitment yet. We have worked with established business owners and newbies, alike. This is an excellent way to get access to high-level knowledge quickly, and leverage information that would take your months or years to learn.

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Service 2 (MMA)
marketing business coach for female entrepreneurs


Starting and growing a business is more complicated than just having a passion, but that's the first step! Launchpad is our 8-weeks to 6-figure marketing program. 


  • 8 Core Marketing Strategies to teach you exactly what you need in your business to hit 6-figures, and how to get there

  • High-level support for low cost 

  • 6 Months of Access to the Backend (in case you need to revisit) 

In just 8 weeks, you will transform everything about your marketing so you can finally shine!

$997 one-payment or

[$369 three payment option]


"I am a single mom running an online design business. After working with Katrina, I officially have a 6-figure business. I never thought I would say that."

Theresa, Owner of Online CAD Design Company

take it from her...

katrina aronson business strategy marketing coach

Custom Marketing Consulting

We've worked with over 150 clients, and many of our clients needed something outside the box. We first assess your needs on a call, and based on your specific goals, we map out how we can help you. You don't have to do marketing alone. 

Custom ways we work outside the box:

  • Audit your website with a review of what you need to update

  • Optimize your SEO so you get more eyes on your site

  • Create landing pages or sales pages for a specific offer 

  • Build an entire funnel, from design to copy to actual creation

  • Revamp your offers & pricing 

  • Write your email sequences for your funnel 

Prices are completely customized for your needs & budget 

Starting at just $595


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"If you want someone who knows what they are doing and can turn your entire business around, talk to Katrina."

Nora, Owner of Farrell PR
Tripled her business revenue

take it from her...

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