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Collaboration Is Key

A simple business practice we can all execute, even in the midst of a pandemic, is collaboration. Connecting with other local business owners and entrepreneurs is beneficial for both parties, and an extremely effective marketing strategy.

Last week, I hosted an event called Safe + Social Workshop. This workshop was local, and hosted female entrepreneurs who were looking to come together to learn, grow and connect with other females in business - and this one was all about local marketing and public relations.

At this particular workshop, there were seven different businesses that collaborated and came together to put on this event. From speakers, to the videography & photography, the gifts that are there, the event coordination, all of it.

There's so much that went into it behind the scenes that really came together perfectly, because of that collaboration.

A friend & business colleague reached out to me about collaborating at our workshop too - Holly Meyer Lucas Real Estate. There was no obvious way that a real estate firm would collaborate in this, so we brainstormed. Within 90 minutes we came up with the idea of incorporating a branding photo session with our amazing brand photographer.

She gifted that to a participant at the event & what a cool way for us to think outside the box for collaboration at the event.

Whomever the person is that you're collaborating with, when you come up with an idea like that it really shows them: “Hey, I value what it is that you are doing and I want to be part of it.”

It opens doors in a totally different way. Just because an answer doesn't seem obvious…think about it, and if it’s the right person that you want to partner with, it's worth doing it.



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