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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Today, I want to talk about the thing that everyone always wants to talk about…social media.

Not just social media, but a specific focus on Instagram, and to fine tune that even further –Instagram stories. Showing up in your stories in a way that can help people make the decision of whether or not they want to work with you, or purchase from you.

This is for brick and mortar AND this is for online businesses, it doesn't matter. This is something that actually worksand you should be using constantly in your social media.

Specifically, let’s talk about something called social proof. Social proof is when your current users recommend your products or services based on their experiences with your brand, which can then be highlighted in your stories to build up credibility.

The easiest way you can do that is using your testimonials. It doesn't have to be fancy, you can simply copy them and put them into your stories. There are also some great (and FREE) tools out there, such as Canva, that can give your testimonials a professional look with just a few moments work.

In addition, if you have clients that you know would rave about you, ask them if they wouldn’t mind sending a quick video about your work, or even share a video to their own personal Instagram story so that you can repost it! Each time this happens, you’re creating social proof.

You’re showing people that you not only exist, but people have good things to say about your brand!

Get creative! Just yesterday I shared a graphic of my daily agenda to my Instagram story, and tagged the other amazing people I was working with that day. I tagged people who I was scheduled to meet with or am in the process of creating something with, just so I could give them a shout out.

In turn, they would share it in their stories, thus creating a win-win for both of us. Show the world that you’re busy, you’re creating, and you’re working with people day to day.

I challenge you to think of a way that you can create social proof every single day in your stories this week. You’ll see the credibility that you feel because of it, and see how people are responding to you as well.

For more on social media, tune into my podcast next week. It drops on Tuesdays, wherever you listen to podcasts – it’s called Through The Marketing Lens. Check it out!

I am here WITH YOU,


Business Coach + Consultant for Passionate Female Entrepreneurs

Katrina Aronson is a business and marketing consultant and coach for passionate women entrepreneurs. She has a background in the corporate world and has launched two successful, product-based businesses in the fashion industry prior to realizing her true calling was to connect, empower, and serve other women. Katrina Aronson Consulting was born out of all the places she had been and the desire to empower other women to embrace their journeys.

When she’s not working, she’s a dedicated wife and a mom to two crazy (and awesome) kiddos plus a pup. She’s obsessed with coffee, the beach, and yoga. If you’d like to get to know Katrina better and see if her services are a fit for you, book a free call here

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