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Dealing with Scatterbrain Syndrome

Do you ever try to focus on one thing and then BOOM out of nowhere *scatterbrain syndrome*, you lose focus and you’re now thinking about all the things?

It sounds like this is happening to a lot of us right now. So know that if this is you, you’re not alone. What I want to focus on is something that’s coming up for me as a mom, entrepreneur, wife.

I just feel like today is not the day to be this superhero that I am (or try my best to be) most days. I am ok with that. I just want to say that for the woman out there that needs to hear it today because I quit.

I quit homeschooling today.

I quit being a mom today.

I quit being a cook today (I actually ordered out lunch, I think it's the first time since coronavirus I’ve ordered out lunch… no, I’m lying!)

So, my big takeaway from this is that the reason it feels good or OK to say F it today is because I’ve done the legwork to get here. What I mean by that is, my emails are still going to go out, my Instagram posts are already scheduled, my workflows for my clients are already in the system so they are going to get the information they need, I’m not just letting my clients down. That’s not what I mean by F it. I have the foundation in place for my business to work for me so that it makes it OK to just take a step back and let things work for you and not try to do anything else.

You can get to this place, or maybe you already are. Do the work ahead of time to set yourself up for success to be able to call it quits for the day. Acknowledge that some days you are going to need this. Getting to this place is possible, I’d be happy to help you put in place a plan to do this. Click here to learn more.



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