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Make Your Morning Routine Work For You

It is commonly said that the most productive people in the world have strong morning routines. Obviously, there's something really powerful to having a great morning routine - we've seen this so many times with successful people in business.

However, if you're a person that struggles with this and you’re under the impression there’s only one way to go about things, I’m going to call BS. Feeling like you’re failing before it even hits 7am isn’t the way to be successful.

Instead of committing to a morning routine that doesn't work for you or isn't sustainable, how about picking something that actually does work for your life?

Personally, I’ve found that getting up early and working out in the morning is a great start to my day – but only twice a week. I don't do that every single morning, the other mornings I allow myself to sleep in and wake up journaling, writing, planning for the day, so that I can be productive while I’m still in bed (with my coffee).

I don't start my day with opening emails or things that are going to feel overwhelming for me. I start with things that are going to feel like I'm in control. Morning routines involving business are as personal as the order you get yourself ready each day. Find a routine that feels good, for you.

It’s been such a shift in my life ever since I've just fully embraced that I'm not the person who's going to be bouncing off the walls at six in the morning - and that's okay.

Other people's perception of a successful morning is not necessarily mine, or yours!



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