Finding Time for Social Media

“Oh my gosh, there's not enough time in the day.”

Between kids, running a business, and everyday life, sometimes it feels impossible. I’ve heard repeatedly from clients that they can’t find the time to create the content they want to create.

I hear this a lot when people are even just starting their business. They're already fearing the amount of time they're going to have to spend on social media creating content, whatever it may be.

I want to show you something that's actually pretty simple, that you can do, or you can source in a way that's really effective. I’ll break it down for you the way that I do this in my business, but there’s so many ways you can apply it to work for your brand.

Each week I create a short video that's posted on Instagram stories which doesn’t take me longer than two to four minutes. From there, that video is transcribed into a blog post. With that blog post, I create an email to send out, encouraging my audience to circle back and read the post.

That short video can also be turned into an Instagram post the next day or later in the week, and links back in my biography to that blog post if someone wants to read even deeper. I can also cut that 2-4 minute video into shorter videos and share them on different platforms, or share them in my stories and link back in my biography to that blog post again!

From that one video, I’m able to splice and splice and create a lot of content to share with my social media audience, and you can too. Don’t feel like a social media presence requires hours and hours of time on a regular basis, and certainly…don’t waste those good nuggets.

I am here WITH YOU,


Business Coach + Consultant for Passionate Female Entrepreneurs

Katrina Aronson is a business and marketing consultant and coach for passionate women entrepreneurs. She has a background in the corporate world and has launched two successful, product-based businesses in the fashion industry prior to realizing her true calling was to connect, empower, and serve other women. Katrina Aronson Consulting was born out of all the places she had been and the desire to empower other women to embrace their journeys.

When she’s not working, she’s a dedicated wife and a mom to two crazy (and awesome) kiddos plus a pup. She’s obsessed with coffee, the beach, and yoga. If you’d like to get to know Katrina better and see if her services are a fit for you, book a free call here.

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