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Getting Comfortable on Video

If you're on Instagram, you've probably experienced the challenge of getting comfortable on Instagram stories. It doesn't matter if you are super successful and established in your business, or if you are just getting going. Chances are, if you're active on Instagram, then this will resonate with you.

Showing up on video can be really scary, and it can be really, really vulnerable. And I hear this from so many different women - so I want to read you a few things that women have told me about showing up on Instagram stories, or video in general (and also podcasts):

"I hate getting dressed up."

"I don't like being judged for my appearance."

"I don't know if anyone would actually watch."

"It feels vain."

"I hate the sound of my voice."

"I can't get the lighting just right."

So, there's a lot of things that I can say about those statements, but I think as a woman, I can understand every single one of those things.

I know you've probably heard this before but...

The truth is that if you just start putting yourself out there, it does get easier.

And that's really the answer to all these things - you just have to do it. There's no secret sauce to getting comfortable other than putting yourself in those positions over and over. And it gets easier, I promise!

However, here are a couple of the tools that my clients and I dive into to really get them to a place where they feel much more comfortable.

#1 - When you're watching other people's videos, actually think about what you're thinking about. Pay attention to the thoughts you have around how they show up on video.

Are you thinking that they're vain for showing up?

Are you paying a ton of attention to the way they look?

Are you thinking about the sound of their voice?

Are you noticing their

Are you judging them for those things?

Probably not. I want you to take that inside of you. Most people are not going to be judging you for those things either. Most people won't even think of the things you're worried about. (And if they do, that's not your problem!)

#2 - Internalize those fears and sit with them for a minute, then ask yourself those few questions and understand that no one who matters is judging you. Anyone who DOES matter will totally appreciate the value you are bringing!

Hopefully, it will make your experience on video a little bit better. Consistency is key!



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