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How to Navigate A Virtual World

Technology these days…so many options, always coming out with the next best thing. How do we keep it professional? I want to share with you the things I use day to day that help me to be a little more confident behind the camera, and on your screen.

Showing up on video can be daunting in business, and even a little overwhelming. Here’s five things I do to keep in check:

1. Stage Your Background

If you’re meeting with clients virtually or videoing yourself for social, find a professional space to do so. Move those piles of laundry to another room and create a visually pleasing background. Bring in your favorite painting or houseplant and make it your own.

2. Invest in Good Lighting

If you’re showing up, you want to look your best! Find the natural lighting in your home, or create your own. I have a ring light attached to my phone, which you can buy on Amazon for about $15, and that gives me the setup to give me that nice bright light in my face, without having to use my computer.

3. Choose the Best Program for the Job

When it comes to my computer, I usually record on Zoom. You’ll be able to see what you look like and then it will save locally to your computer and you're able to edit it from there. Zoom creates a really good quality video, so it's easy for me to edit it from that space.

4. Make Sure We Can Hear You

I have my microphone, which I use to record my podcast Through the Marketing Lens, I use the same microphone for everything! Again, you can buy a relatively inexpensive microphone online, it doesn’t have to be top of the line. I can just plug this one right into my computer and, basically, good to go.

5. Practice

When you have all your equipment, test it! Try different lighting, different programs – make it work for you and your space. After you create a video you like, be sure to edit it for professionalism, and embed your logo. Video can get complicated (and expensive), but it doesn’t need to be in order to start implementing quality video content into your business.



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