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SEO Is Like Yoga: 5 Things To Practice

First of all, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the ranking of your business on a search engine, and how you get a higher ranking. At the very least, you want to be on the first page when someone searches a business like yours.

Here is the thing: SEO is like yoga. You have to practice it all the time to benefit. There is no magic answer - you just have to do the work.

SEO is free, it's organic, and it works! Put plainly, ranking high on the search page when someone is searching for a business just like yours converts to customers. In fact, referrals and SEO are the most effective converters.

Here are 5 things you can practice, and make a habit, to boost your SEO:

1. Proper Keyword Placement

So, when a customer is searching for businesses like yours - let's say a yoga studio for example's sake - think about where they are and what words they would use to search. "yoga" "palm beach yoga" "hot yoga" "power yoga" "yoga for beginners"

Make sure you use these keywords throughout your website. Every chance you get to use those words on your site, do it. This helps you come up higher in search results as you are the most relevant, which is basically what matters in the search algorithm.

2. Dynamic Content

Your website looks amazing. You worked your tail-feather off to make it just so. Now... CHANGE IT. Change it often.

OK, what I mean is, add new content all the time. Add events, add new pictures, add the Instagram plug-in. Write a blog 2 times a month, or 2 times a week. The more change, the better. Make things new and fresh constantly so search engines identify you as just that. That means you are relevant and the algorithm robots see you.

3. 3rd Party Links Back To Your Site

I love business cross-marketing for many reasons. One of the reasons is 3rd party backlinks. You want your business name out there on the web, and you want it to be linked to your website. The more, the merrier.

Connect with influencers that can blog about you, cross-promote with other businesses, get interviewed by a newspaper, reach out to relevant magazines, post your events on free event websites, get reviews. This is really important and a great opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and businesses.

4. Get Reviews

OK, this is a pretty big one. Online reviews signal to the search engines that your site and business are trustworthy. Of course, we want the reviews to be positive, but that is not completely in our control.

The best ways to get good reviews is to offer the best you can to your customer, and ASK for reviews. This may feel awkward at first, but it is a power move. People that appreciate what you have to offer want to help you and your business.

5. Website Page Titles and Descriptions

Your website has pages within it. On these pages, there are titles ("About", "Services", etc.) Think of them as chapter titles in a book. Each of these pages also has description that is coded into your website. Take the time to figure out how to properly title and describe each page, using those "keywords" as many times as possible.

Ultimately, there are people you can pay and services you can subscribe to for SEO, business growth, social media content, online ads (and on and on). Learn how to do it first. It makes you a better manager, and there is a possibility you won't need to unload it.

As a business consultant, I believe with all my heart that knowing how to do it yourself is powerful. Then, make the decision to hire someone to do it for you, if that suits you.

Now, cue the yoga flow. Good luck!



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