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The Sooner You Know About Outsourcing, The Better!

Today I'm going to be talking about something that every entrepreneur has to come to grips with if they want to actually grow their business, and that is outsourcing support help.

One way that I love to do this, which you may have heard me talk about, is using a virtual assistant. The reason I even want to talk about outsourcing and virtual assistance is because in my own business and in my client's businesses, there comes a point where we finally accept that we cannot be in all the places at once, and we cannot do all the things efficiently forever without burning out. Once we accept that, we feel a kind of relief that comes with having someone who you can hand things off to that you tend to put off in your business.

I’m sure you know the types of things I’m talking about - you probably don't even like do them! Those are the things I want you to be handing off: the things that would allow your business to grow, and give you back your time to do things like showing up better on Instagram, actually sending out the emails, or actually sending the gifts to clients. That's where you can really excel and kick ass in your marketing, but you're missing out on these opportunities because you just don't have enough time in the day.


  • Online business manager

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Social Media Manager (or specific platform manager)

I want to talk to my mompreneurs for a second, and I want to say that I feel you on everything. It is so hard to do this, however we're choosing to be here. So, when I talk about outsourcing any kind of support, part of the reason this concept resonates so much with me is because I realized what a better mom I become when I'm able to run my business and not feel like I'm running myself into the ground. Having any kind of done-for-you services is going to allow the space to really focus on the parts of your business that you love most and the parts that actually bring in money.

Here is why that matters:

  • Your time is money and you have to see it that way to grow and scale

  • Choosing where you are spending your time is crucial to growth

  • Loving what you do will remind you why you are doing this

In addition, you're going to be able to spend a little bit more quality time with your kids! And I don't know what the quantity looks like for you, but you're going to be in a better headspace because you're not feeling burnt out. Do you feel me on that?



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