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Katrina aronson business coaching

Hi! I'm Katrina.

I am 

The Marketing-led Business Coach

I empower creative-minded female entrepreneurs to catapult past their revenue goals with simplified marketing strategies & tools to scale their business

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I see you, Ambitious Go-Getter.

Let's cut to it -- you are ready for MORE RESULTS from your business. I mean, that is why you are here, right? 

You are the kind of person that has BIG plans for yourself (my fave kind of person) -- and that means big revenue, big goals, big ideas. But, right now, you are probably feeling like you are so scattered, stuck in this cycle of inconsistent income, or maybe you've hit a money plateau [been there]. 

You are a creative at heart -- and while you are damn good at what you, some of this part of business feels outside your wheelhouse. 


But, you are 100% certain you are meant for MORE -- so you know it's time to do something about it. 


Oh, yes, THAT is where I come in.


Helping women raise the bar in their business is what I do; it's basically what I live for. What you do next in your biz is crucial and I know this first hand. 


Just imagine calling in your dream clients on a weekly basis and having the systems in place to convert them into paying clients. Imagine seeing your revenue numbers double or even triple (yes, we see this often). That's EXACTLY where you could be in a few months' time. 


Over the last decade, I have built 2 of my own successful businesses of my own [walking the walk] & had the honor of working with over 100 female entrepreneurs to make the changes in their business to move toward and hit 6+ figures. I have a feeling we were meant to meet... 

A little about 

Katrina Aronson

I am a corporate finance drop out turned 6-figure business owner (2x), but believe me, that came with lots of twists and turns, and VERY expensive mistakes along the way. 

I grew and sold my first business after reaching my 6-figure goals ( in year one ) and then burning out. So, I am strong believer in creating and sky-rocketing your business in a SUSTAINABLE way for you -- and I've dedicated my business coaching + marketing strategy expertise to just that. 

As a small business marketing expert, I teach women all over the world how to CATAPULT beyond their revenue goals with evergreen marketing and leave hustle-mode behind so they can actually enjoy the life they create. We don't make it complicated because it just doesn't have to be --- and our clients' results prove that is true.

I've had the honor of helping over 100 women (and counting) make their visions a reality. I am on a mission to help 10,000 female entrepreneurs make more money doing what lights their souls on fire by 2026. 

You can call me boss, lady. But, don't call me boss lady.

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How Do We Work Together?

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I am SO grateful I decided to trust my gut and hire Katrina to teach me her ways! Within one month of working together, I had solidified a clearer vision for what I wanted my business to look like in the coming month/year. By month two I was creating systems and improving workflows (as well as my mindset) so that I was ready when all the abundance I was calling in made its way to me (kinda like a "If you build it, they will come" scenario). By month three I was showing up more confidently in my marketing and with my current clients, and I was asking for more money when a new piece of business presented itself. And by month four I had increased my revenue by nearly three times what I was making when I started with Katrina, and have since hired four freelancers to support me in various aspects of my business.

—  Nora, Owner of Farrell PR

—  Nora, Owner of Farrell PR

Free Resources To Help You Do Your Thing...


Your Brand Guide for EPIC Marketing

Marketing your business is not about throwing spaghetti at the wall. Your marketing literally depends on your branding -- and this is how you ramp that sh*t up! 


Content Roadmap

Creating marketing content is a marketing must in today's environment. It can and should be a streamlined process that doesn't take up all your time. With the Content Roadmap, I walk you through how to create a process for creating content in your business.


Magnetic Marketing Workshop

For entrepreneurs who are looking to dive into how to elevate their brand's marketing TODAY. In this FREE Workshop, learn how my clients double and triple their income by focusing on a few things... get out your notebook!

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Through The Marketing Lens Podcast

Weekly episodes designed for business owners who are growing and scaling from the lens of a successful (6+ figures twice) entrepreneur and marketing strategist. Tips, tools, and mindset that comes directly from my clients' struggles and successes, and my own experiences -- good and bad. Implementable strategies and tools. Our goal is for you to do it better than we did, with the knowledge we wish we had. Here come the big wins! 

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AKA your new favorite short & potent biz pod.

Ready to get off the business hamster wheel and step into the
CEO role?

Here are your must-have business tools, boss.

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Bench Bookkeeping

Knowing your numbers is essential to being a successful business owner. Hiring a bookkeeping service to keep your numbers clean is a pretty solid must. 

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