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Hey, I'm Katrina 
Modern Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses

Marketing is not about doing everything. It's about doing a few things like a total boss.

We help you do THAT  with confidence. 

As Seen In

I see you, Ambitious Go-Getter.

Not every business owner wants to hire an expensive (and often mediocre) agency to run all of their marketing. 

And as a small business owner, we tend to take on "all the hats". *SOS*

But, if marketing is not your "thing"... you are definitely leaving TONS of money on the table. Why? Marketing gets people to buy more from you and new faces to find you -- it's the greatest ROI in your business, bar none. 

Maybe you are thinking, I don't even know where to start. 

Or, I do what I can on social media. 

In the modern environment, we think WAY beyond social media and it really does not have to be complicated. With just a few tweaks, you can streamline and build real marketing buzz for your brand. We've helped over 135 businesses, and counting... our process really works because it is built for you -- not the masses. 

This is what we do -- bridge the gap for local & small businesses so they have a guide to help them strategize within their budget, and actually bring it to fruition. 

I am here to guide you to get more eyes on you through modern & human-first marketing. 

If you have a brick and mortar location, I got you. 

If you have a product-based business that's ready to scale, I got you. 

If you have a service-based business and you are stuck, I got you. 


business mentor for public relations agency

I am SO grateful I decided to trust my gut and hire Katrina to teach me her ways! Within one month of working together, I had solidified a clearer vision for what I wanted my business to look like in the coming month/year. By month two I was creating systems and improving workflows (as well as my mindset) so that I was ready when all the abundance I was calling in made its way to me (kinda like a "If you build it, they will come" scenario). By month three I was showing up more confidently in my marketing and with my current clients, and I was asking for more money when a new piece of business presented itself. And by month four I had increased my revenue by nearly three times what I was making when I started with Katrina, and have since hired four freelancers to support me in various aspects of my business.

—  Nora, Owner of Farrell PR

Who Wants Free Gifts? 
grab these free gifts created to help you electrify your marketing  


Encore Training: The Neuromarketing Effect 

In this insanely impactful training, we dive into how you can connect with your customers on a subconscious level by tapping into neuroscience. You will learn to add a layer to your marketing that you have never thought of before -- and play an entirely new marketing game. It's not just marketing, it's a revolution. 

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Human-First Marketing Trends For Growth in 2023

There is a marketing revolution happening across industries. The old marketing techniques are feeling tired, and consumers expect more. Human-First marketing is taking over and inside this workbook, you will learn how to integrate Human-First Marketing Trends into your small business. 

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A little about 

Katrina Aronson

Hey, I'm Katrina.

I am high-key obsessed with marketing strategies that no one else is talking about... but we know are actually working.


Why? Because when they zig, we zag. 

My friend, scaling a business does not mean you have to do it like everyone else. In fact, you probably already tried that and either hated doing it their way, or found it totally unsustainable. 


Over the last decade, I've built two 6-figure businesses of my own -- so I am not just a mentor, I've been in the trenches, too.  And, worked with over 135 entrepreneurs to scale with cutting-edge marketing methods that are completely personalized to their strengths. 

Imagine how different your business could feel if you were doing it in a way that worked best for you. [audible gasp]

This is so much more than marketing differently;

it's a revolution. 

marketing strategy coach small businesses
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How Can We Work Together?

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south florida small business mentor

Through The Marketing Lens Podcast

Weekly episodes designed for business owners who are growing and scaling from the lens of a successful (6+ figures twice) entrepreneur and marketing strategist. Tips, tools, and mindset that comes directly from my clients' struggles and successes, and my own experiences -- good and bad. Implementable strategies and tools. Our goal is for you to do it better than we did, with the knowledge we wish we had. Here come the big wins! 

marketing podcast for women in business, mindset tips digital marketing female podcaster
AKA your favorite short & potent biz pod that's like a mini-strategy session for a busy entrepreneur.

Season 3 Streaming 

Want some insider tools to running a business like a CEO?

Here are your must-have business tools, boss.

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Email marketing is your best friend and can draw 4x the revenue that social media platforms do. My favorite email service is Flodesk for its design and ease!

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Want some professional and beautiful creative products, like new fonts or social media templates for your brand?


Cool... Creative Marketplace is my go-to spot!

honeybook affiliate discount code crm recommendation


Businesses that need high-touch experience with their clients with automated onboarding, invoicing, contracts, etc would benefit from a Customer Relationship Manager, and Dubsado is an excellent option. And, the one I use, too. 

use the link below to get 20% off your first year!

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