Hi, I am Katrina.

Katrina Aronson

Business + Marketing Strategy Coach For Female Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur gets to that place where they feel lost or realize they don't have a strategy to move their business forward. Through coaching and highly-focused processes, we simplify it all and focus on your pathway to more profit. 

Does This Sound Like You?

A business beginner with a passion. You are ready to understand your business better and want a plan of action to wrap your head around it all. 

A multi-talented entrepreneur fueled by your craft. You know you have some big things to do, but are not entirely sure of how. It all feels a little complicated. (Don't stress, this is what we do)

You are well into your biz, moving and shaking. You know you could make more profit if you just had a way to reach more clients. But how? 

Great News! You Are In The Right Place


Hey there. 


I am Katrina. Like you (just a shot in the dark), I am a passionate entrepreneur with lofty goals. I am also a mom of 2 crazy kids, a wife, a coffee fanatic, and a believer that you can always find a way. 

Being an entrepreneur is not a choice for most of us. Baby, we were born this way. After building 2 businesses the hard way (*messy AF*), I figured out that connecting and helping women create profitable businesses is my superpower. 

Marketing + Profits is my strategy because it has worked for me -- and my 75+ clients. I promise it can be way easier than you are making it right now. 

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Client Testimonials
90-Minute Intensive Marketing Blueprint

I left my meeting with Katrina more inspired, motivated and focused on getting my business up and running! Not only was she able to pin point exactly where I see my business going but she really understood my passion. Katrina is beyond knowledgeable in this field and I trust her implicitly!! So incredibly grateful for Katrina's guidance!! - Lea

4-Month Strategy Coaching 

My entire business has shifted into a MUCH better place. I feel more organized and understand how to connect with my "ideal client". Business coaching was the best investment I have made for my business and myself. - Elisa

My marketing was a mess. I have good clarity now. I am making more money, feel more together, and only wish I had hired Katrina earlier. - Jennifer 


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How Does Business Coaching Work?

Working with a business strategy coach is about accountability, planning, and working past fears to fulfill your potential as a business and a person. It takes time, trust and dedication to actually see results. 

  • We start with a free phone call to make sure you are ready for this part of the journey 

  • You decide on the right service for you 

  • Book your coaching around your schedule 

  • You meet 1:1 with Katrina and meet over Zoom 

  • The work begins

Coaching can sound intimidating, but working 1:1 is a completely personal and relaxed experience. Katrina chooses to work 1:1 for the reason that every person has different needs and connection, taking the intimidation out. The results are undeniable because you will be pushing yourself  beyond your comfort zone. That is the whole reason you are here, isn't it? 

It starts with you

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